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Auction Spear offers a complete turn key business opportunity with full support for serious Entrepreneur's looking to start and grow a business.


Your Success

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With so many "business opportunities" on the market today, which one is best for you and which ones are legitimate "opportunities"?
"I can honestly say I’ve never been a part of a better organization. On the buying end, I’ve always gotten great deals, with knowledgeable and friendly auction companies. It was always a pleasure to be “in the mix” during the final minutes and kept me on the edge of my seat. As a seller, Fred and his staff are the best! They protect the buyer and the seller, along with providing a solid foundation from which our company can operate."
* Bill B. - Rusty Star Services Auctions
At Auction Spear we offer a legitimate opportunity* for you to start and grow a genuine online business that can provide independence, stability, and financial freedom for you and your family.
Like any Legitimate business, your dedication and hard work are required for your success.
The advantage and difference with Auction Spear is, we provide full support to help you succeed.
User friendly platform
Auction Spear has one of the most user friendly online auction platforms on the market today. With our click by click training videos and administrative support, you can have your first auction online in short manner and cash flowing in less than 30 days.
Nationwide exposure
Auction Spear advertises your auctions for you on our nationwide network of auction advertisers and social media platforms. Auction Spear has won several "Most viewed" awards due to our aggressive ad campaigns for the auction companies.
Performance bonuses
Auction Spear is one of the only companies to pay top dollar performance bonuses to auction companies on the site. The more dollars your auction sale makes the bigger the bonus dollars in your bank. This encourages auction companies to produce bigger, better auctions that benefit them.
No monthly fees
Not only are there no monthly fees, but there are no per auction fees paid by your auction company. This allows you to keep one hundred percent of your profits to reinvest back into your business to help it grow.
Experience personified
Auction Spear was founded by Fred Durnbaugh, a Texas licensed auctioneer since 2015. Combined with over 45 auction companies and over 1,200 auctions closed, we have the experience to coach and help you succeed with your own online business.
Friendly support
Auction Spear is here to help you succeed. That's why we have the best friendly support in the business today. Administrative support is just a phone, text or email away when you need answers to your questions.

Successful Projects

Some of the top producing auction companies average $19,000 per auction

Maybe you are one of the next top producing companies?

Oklahoma estate auction


Sports Bar Liquidation


Event Business auction


Farm Estate auction


Texas estate auction


Gun store liquidation


Tech business liquidation


Antique store liquidation





Auctions performed




D & S Specialty Auctions

Success Story

D & S Specialties started by Scott & Dara Kustka in 2020. This husband and wife team began with a handful of simple auctions and has since grown into a top producer on Auction Spear. Scott & Dara have made D & S Specialties a customer favorite on Auction Spear by offering a family friendly seller/buyer experience with top notch customer service.

Maybe you can be the next success story with your own online auction business!


I've been with for many years as a bidder and was always treated well. The items are sold as is and they always have a preview. Auction spear is always helpful and courteous when I work with them. I became an auctioneer with them almost 2 years ago and if you're willing to work and put in the time it is a great opportunity. Like any new business it's a hard work but can offer a great lifestyle and work from home and location opportunity. Meet great people and help people out with the stress of liquidating or just getting rid of items. If you're looking for an opportunity to start your own business try auction spear. If you're looking for great stuff to buy give a try. Warning auction bidding can become addictive and fun, but who needs fun?

Scott K. D & S Specialties

D & S Specialty Auctions

I have been using Auction spear to buy and sell since their first month in existence. The owners do a great job with authenticity for memorabilia, coins, and guns. We have found some great antiques from furniture, weapons, and fine art. I highly recommend the Auction Spear teams. Auction Spear is also more than an auction company, they are community servants. Faith based families who support local church's and charities. I hire this team for any of my consignment needs.

Chris G. The Cowboy House

The Cowboy House

Extremely professional auction company with ethics, morals, and values. In today's world filled with scammers, cheats, and immoral individuals, it is so refreshing to do business with a company that places the highest level of importance on the customer.

Tony G. Satisfied customer

Five Star Review

I have bought from Auction Spear, and I am now part of an auction company that is an independent associate, Rusty Star Services. Seeing both ends of the spectrum, I can honestly say I’ve never been a part of a better organization. On the buying end, I’ve always gotten great deals, with knowledgeable and friendly auction companies. It was always a pleasure to be “in the mix” during the final minutes and kept me on the edge of my seat. As a seller, Fred and his staff are the best! They protect the buyer and the seller, along with providing a solid foundation from which our company can operate. 5 stars is simply not enough for them. If you are looking for great deals, in a safe setting, sign up. There is not a better company out there. If you are looking for a business opportunity, no company will give you a better chance for success.

Bill B. Rusty Star Services

Rusty Star Services

Meet the Awesome Auction Teams on Auction Spear

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Start your own business

Tools for your success

Here's what you get with the Auction Spear business system

Personalized company Auction Platform
Post unlimited Auctions
Phone, Text, Email support
Access to toolbox
Sample contracts
Access to online training system
Free advertising campaigns for your auctions
Free advertising & marketing material
Personalized company business website splash page
Free Auction analysis & coaching
Secure business domain

All this and more for just $1259 Get started today!

An annual membership fee of $174 is due in January of each year

Frequently Ask Questions

How much does it cost?

The initial fee is $1259 to get started then $174 annually.

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Are there any monthly or per auction fees?

The only fee you will pay is the annual licensing fee based on which business package level you choose. There are no monthly fees nor per auction fees that the auction companies pay. Fees are paid by the buyers of auction products through a "Buyers Premium" which the auction companies collect and send to Auction Spear. Auction companies keep 100% of their profit.

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Do I need an auctioneers license?

No, in Texas online auctions do not require a Texas auctioneers license. You will need a standard DBA business license and a Federal EIN to get started however per law.

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How soon before I can post my first auction?

That depends on you! On average, most determined people get their first auction online within thirty days of signing on board with Auction Spear.

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What kind of support does Auction Spear offer?

Auction Spear provides robust customer support with phone, text and email to contact us with any questions or concerns. The auction teams are also available to help you succeed.

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