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A new way to liquidate

Gone are the days of the live bid call auctioneer. Oh, their still around, and it is great entertainment to listen to a good auctioneer chant. Unfortunately attendance at live in person auctions has dropped dramatically over the past ten years due to the advent of online auctions. Even more unfortunate, this drop translates into less bid dollars for sellers. More and more businesses, estates, consignors, and asset managers, are turning to online auctions for inventory liquidation.

The many advantages of online auctions

  • Shorter processing & setup time

  • Less labor

  • More secure

  • Nationwide exposure to buyers

  • Vetted nationwide bidder pool

  • Auto extended bidding

  • Higher Return On Investment

  • Modern electronic payment systems

  • Faster seller payment

  • State of the art secure SSL website

  • No crowds standing for hours on end

  • All bidding done securely online

  • Auto outbid notices to encourage bidding

What do the Auction teams liquidate?

The auction teams on Auction Spear have liquidated just about every type of asset one could imagine. We tell sellers, "don't prejudge any items you want to sell" and to allow the auction teams to make that decision. Aside from simple garbage, the auction team may sell just about everything in your inventory.

The auction teams can handle it all including, Commercial & Business Liquidations, Overstock inventory Reduction, 341 Bankruptcy Liquidation, Estate Auctions, Landlord Lockout, Insurance claim liquidations, Asset Allocation, Government Surplus, Auto Auctions, Real Estate, Bank Asset liquidation, Senior transition downsizing.

Note: it is always at the discretion of each independent auction company as to the items they will accept for auction.

Sell machinery, production equipment or entire business inventories and equipment. Our motto when liquidating any business is "Empty the building and maximize the return.". The experienced auction teams on Auction Spear have liquidated many commercial businesses with great success. With our award winning nationwide advertising & marketing campaign your business inventory will get maximum exposure and ensure a true "Fair Market Value" *.
Commercial liquidation auctions
The auction teams fully understand the stress of liquidating a family estate. The teams are compassionate and caring when it comes to family estates and take every care to respect the wishes of the family. Your items will be inventoried and placed in our online auction where they will receive an award winning nationwide advertising & marketing campaign to maximize exposure of your family inventory. Your families items will be sold to owners who will give them a new life and another family can enjoy and cherish those items.
Estate sale auctions

The Legal stuff

* Fair market value (FMV) is the price a product would sell for on the open market assuming that both buyer and seller are reasonably knowledgeable about the asset, are behaving in their own best interests, are free of undue pressure, and are given a reasonable time period for completing the transaction.

Auction Spear LLC is a provider of online auction platforms only. Requests for auction or related services will be referred to independent business auction companies or liquidators under the Auction Spear LLC list of independent companies and will not be handled directly by Auction Spear LLC. There is no fee for this service and all auctioneers, auction companies and liquidators are independent companies leasing space and operating on the Auction Spear LLC platform.

Auction Spear LLC referral of auction companies does not constitute endorsement, sponsorship, nor support by Auction Spear LLC. Sellers/consignors agree that nothing on this website nor referrals to auction companies will be construed to imply that Auction Spear LLC authorizes supports, endorses, or sponsors any auction company or service provided by the auction companies on the website. Sellers, consignor's, customers fully acknowledge and understand all auctioneers, auction companies and liquidators are independent companies leasing space and operating on the Auction Spear LLC platform and are not owned nor operated by Auction Spear LLC.

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Auction Spear LLC and is an independent provider of online auction platforms Only and does not manage, supervise, or dictate in any way the day-to-day operations of the independent business auction companies that lease space on the Auction Spear website. Auction Spear LLC does not endorse, own nor operate any of the independent auction businesses on the Auction Spear website. Each auction company is an independent business, and any Questions, Complaints, Disputes, or Concerns Must be resolved directly with the auction company(s) in question.

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