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Why have your family estate devalued when you can have it's value increased?

Traditional estate sales have served families for decades. Unfortunately, the traditional estate sale has outlived it's need and no longer serves like it should. In an "Estate Sale" items are tagged and priced based on what the estate sale company believes the item is worth. While this makes the sellers comfortable up front, the reality is items usually sell for much less than tagged price.

Nearly all estate sale companies run the same devaluing system. On day one of the sale buyers can negotiate at least 25% off the tagged price. Day two, tagged items are automatically discounted by 25%-50%. Day three, items may be discounted by as much as 90% off tagged price. This devaluing of items is counter productive and defies logic in the market. Items are locked in under the tagged price and will never increase in value, but only be purposely decreased.

Why not increase the value instead? With an online auction the opposite takes place. Items start at one dollar and market driven competitive bidding takes place over a period of time that drives prices up with No ceiling. Traditional estate sales usually bring approximately 100-150 local customers only, while an online auction has local and nationwide reach and offers shipping on most items. An online auction will sell on average 98% of all items in the estate while an estate sale averages 68% sold rate. Fees with an online auction are much lower as there is less labor and marketing costs involved.

Increase the value of your family estate with an online auction. Click the button below to schedule your FREE no obligation assessment today.

What are the steps of an online estate sale auction?

Free Assessment

Free Assessment

Schedule the free assessment and the auction team will answer your questions and discuss the contracts as well as the detailed steps involved with your estate liquidation. There is No obligation and the auction teams goal is to educate you on how the online auction process works, not push a sale nor insist on a signed contract on the spot.

Inventory processed

Inventory processed

The Auction teams are trained to sort, organize and categorize all home inventory and into lots with the goal of maximizing the return on investment as best as possible. The inventory is then posted to the Auction Spear website including detailed photos and keyword descriptions for SEO. Finally nationwide advertising and marketing begins .

Auction Closing & completion

Closing & Completion

The auction may run up to three weeks based on volume and other factors. Bidding is active until closing time and the online system encourages bidding with auto-extend features. Customers will pay and remove items the next day. The auction team will process payments and have a check or ETF in your hands within 15 banking days or less.

Customer testimonials

"I’ve been buying from these people for years. They are very honest and friendly. They always have a time for you to go preview anything you are interested in bidding on. I have never had a bad experience and totally enjoy my auction adventures with them. Highly recommended!"

Danny D.

"I love this company because they are honest! Hardworking and trustworthy. I used another liquidation company who really scammed me and then I used Auction Spear and it was so refreshing and so easy!! They handled everything for me and got really good prices for me. They really care!"

Bambi B.

"Auction Spear did an outstanding job with our family estate & industrial liquidation. They were knowledgeable, professional and orderly from beginning to end. The high volume auction was an absolute success and we enthusiastically recommend Auction Spear!"

Mary G.

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